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The Association of Social Responsibility develops CSR and sustainable business in the Czech Republic. Within its unique vision, and with more than 250 members, it is the largest CSR platform in the Czech Republic. The Association brings together involved parties and links organizations from the corporate, non-profit, educational, and public sectors to increase their CSR and sustainable business potential and abilities.

As the host organization of the Global Compact Network Czechia we help to transmit the global and unique know-how of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest sustainable business platform under the United Nations. In cooperation with all member organizations and partners we are bringing and transforming this global know-how and global strategies into local projects.

We actively develop Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in relation to sustainable business. In 2016 we organised the Global Compact 2030 summit, the largest sustainable business conference in the Czech Republic. Held in Prague, the summit was attended by 300 top managers, executives and government representatives from 33 countries around the world.

We organize the unique project Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) awards. The SDGs Awards embody the partnership and cooperation between the public sector and businesses, also called the Public Private Partnership. It is the first independent award contest in sustainability in the world, organized by the Association of Social Responsibility in cooperation with the Czech Development Agency, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environment, under the auspices of the UN Information Centre and the Global Compact Network Czech Republic.

In 2016 we became the national ambassador of the global Giving Tuesday campaign. We actively promote this important global donation and volunteering event in the Czech Republic.

We engage in active communication efforts, including political dialogue, and strive to influence CSR policy in the country. And as part of our efforts to support the development of sustainable business, as well as corporate social responsibility for small and medium-sized enterprises and the public sector, we distribute professional publications to our members.

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The global day
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If you want to join our CSR Association of Social Responsibility platform, you must be part of a company which actively takes care of its employees, and supports the community in which it operates. That means cultivating employees who are not indifferent to the impact of their company’s activities on the environment. And a company which supports the local community, is fully transparent in its activities, and adheres to ethical and social responsibility principals in its conduct.

Corporate conduct is governed by the Code of Conduct of A-CSR. Acceptance of, and adherence to, this code is a condition of membership. The platform is also open to public sector bodies, schools and universities, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and other institutions that actively promote the development and vision of A-CSR.
Each member is expected to adhere to the Statutes of the Platform of the Association of Social Responsibility.


CSR consultations

Do you want to carry out business responsibly, but are unsure how to go about it? Together we will examine available opportunities for your company and evaluate benefits and costs. We will also discuss the benefits of specific CSR actions and projects. At the same time, we will identify challenges and issues in your neighbourhood and suggest how you can help to contribute to addressing them. CSR consultations are individual and designed for both newcomers to CSR and also those who are already CSR practitioners and professionals and want to continue to move forward in this direction.


CSR strategies are most effective when understood by all employees. Our workshops explain the nature of CSR in simple terms and how we can incorporate it into corporate strategy and everyday activities. We also explain how to focus on the actual needs of a specific organization (such as a supply chain, regional CSR, or local community impacts). Additionally, we offer training on the 10 basic principles of the UN Global Compact. Utilising the Creating Shared Value (CSV) we can identify activities that bring common value (both for your company and for wider society). We can help make your business targeted and competitive and identify the direct impact of specific activities on the performance and competitiveness of your company.

Corporate volunteering

Allow your employees to spend a certain amount of working time (typically from one day to one week per year) on volunteering in your community. Additionally, support local non-profit organizations, offer interesting benefits to your employees, and contribute to a positive perception of your business. A-CSR will show you the possibilities in your community and help with the administrative side. Why support charitable activities on the other side of the country when your local community can benefit from your very specific and targeted assistance…

A different kind of teambuilding

Forget boring parties or sports days and try a different kind of teambuilding. Can your employees organize an interesting party in a children’s home or orphanage? Can they engage in a socially beneficial project to help the whole community? A-CSR mediates one-time charity events in your community or region that develop the skills of the participating employees and helps a specific organization in your immediate neighbourhood.

Consulting UN Global Compact

If you are thinking about joining the UN Global Compact, A-CSR staff can help you with the administrative aspects, with implementing the 10 basic principles of the UN GC in your company strategy, and can help you to train your employees. The benefits of the UN GC are recognized globally. Today, the initiative brings together over 12,000 companies from 145 countries around the world. We will also help you with annual reports (Communication on Progress), where it is essential to communicate progress within the UN GC, and in terms of general social responsibility measures. Share your project information with us and at the same time inspire us through your steps towards supporting the global spread of social responsibility activities within the largest social responsibility initiative in the world.

We offer a range of assistance and guidance. We seek to be approachable and receptive to your ideas, needs and concerns. In case of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@a-csr.cz.

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